I want my blog to celebrate all the joy that surrounds me with my family and friends. To acknowledge all the little moments of happiness and wonder in every day. Although I live in an inner city suburb my heart and soul yearns for the country (I have been accused of trying to turn our garden into a farm before now). With a husband, six children, three cats and a cerebrally challenged black Labrador my life is crazily busy but I am always looking for new projects to immerse myself in. I could not be without books, art and music in my life and I love to cook and create new bits and pieces for my home. I love old, vintage and pre-loved objects all of which have a story to tell. Pieces that have been battered by life are welcome here. To me it is the imperfections in people and objects that gives them character and charm.
Ann x


2 Responses to About

  1. Hard to read without a tear in my eye, Ann my dear. You are an inspiration! xx

  2. belinda says:

    oh my gosh ann, i just read your blogs , wow you are so amazing, i am very blessed to have met you when i did in hospital and still so very much appreciate your understanding of my panic and nausea at bouncing candace 🙂

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