Stars in their Own Right

These little biscuits are great favorites with my children. They are quick and easy to make and are very addictive (consider yourself warned!)

Cheese Biscuits

100g grated Parmesan cheese (can use strong bites cheddar)
100g cold butter cubed
3/4 cup plain flour
Squeeze lemon juice (or 1 tablespoon water)

I must confess that I just bung all the ingredients in a food processor and whiz until they’re well combined into a dough. If you don’t have a food processor then rub the butter into the flour until it resembles breadcrumbs, then add cheese and lemon juice.

Roll out onto a floured board until about 1/2 cm thick. Use a small biscuit cutter to cut out shapes. For grown ups you can roll the mixture into a log shape and then cut slices. Place on a baking tray and bake at 180C (356F) for about 6-8 mins. When you can smell them they are ready! Place on a rack to cool.

For some variation –
You can also add;
Mustard (powdered or grain)
Onion flakes
Fine chopped sun dried tomatoes
Chilli flakes

I find these are a great addition to lunch boxes. Hope you like them!


About embracingtheimperfections

I am a mother of six children. My children's ages range from 20 down to 1, so we are dealing with a lot of different ages and stages, not to mention a lot of different personalities. One of my twins has cerebral palsy so that adds yet another dimension to our lives. Along my journey so far I have learnt that life is far from perfect and that sometimes it's the imperfections that round out the harsh edges and give it a quality that is precious and unique. My love of the imperfect extends into my home life too. I love all things vintage, hand crafted, home grown and home cooked. I love to be creative and I love learning. I am definitely not a minimalist! I aspire to be tidy and organized but I am realizing that with six children, three cats and a crazy black Labrador that is probably beyond my capabilities, so I embrace the beautiful chaos that ensues!
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