Coming of Age

My second eldest daughter had her school ball yesterday. Jess is in her senior year at school. It’s a big year for her as she is also training part-time to be a nurse.

How times have changed since my school ball (gosh that makes me sound old doesn’t it?). In my day ( sorry couldn’t resist) we wore a cocktail dress and did our hair and make-up ourselves. Just to put it in context purple eye shadow was a must have and hair styling involved a perm rake.

Today it’s so involved you need to set aside a whole day to prepare. Some of the girls had teeth whitening and spray tans and spent over $1000 on their dresses. Thankfully Jess wasn’t one of these but there was still a hairdresser and make-up artist.

As I helped her into her dress, I felt almost as though it was a trial run for a wedding. Her lovely boyfriend arrived looking very smart (he recently shaved his head to raise money for cancer research) and then, after some photos we set off to the ‘before’ party.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful and grown-up my girl looked. I am so proud of the lovely young lady she has become.

These days I feel as though my older three kids are like mythical creatures. Even though I talk about them, they are rarely seen in public with me and rarely photographed. Happily I have some pictures to share of my girl’s big night.





About embracingtheimperfections

I am a mother of six children. My children's ages range from 20 down to 1, so we are dealing with a lot of different ages and stages, not to mention a lot of different personalities. One of my twins has cerebral palsy so that adds yet another dimension to our lives. Along my journey so far I have learnt that life is far from perfect and that sometimes it's the imperfections that round out the harsh edges and give it a quality that is precious and unique. My love of the imperfect extends into my home life too. I love all things vintage, hand crafted, home grown and home cooked. I love to be creative and I love learning. I am definitely not a minimalist! I aspire to be tidy and organized but I am realizing that with six children, three cats and a crazy black Labrador that is probably beyond my capabilities, so I embrace the beautiful chaos that ensues!
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